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About Us

                                                                    China plastic OEM—China plastic mold
    Hang zhou Ding Heng  Plastic Mold Co., LTD is an enterprise specializes in China plastic OEM products and China plastic mold manufacturing .

      Founded in 2002, our company has a history of more than ten years. With a full set of plastic mold production equipment and over 10 injection molding machines, we can provide one-stop OEM parts services from mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding production to delivery of goods. There are over 50 employees in our company. The founder and chief mold designer has over 30-year experience in mold design since 1982.( The original company name HangZhou DeRui  Plastic Mold Co., LTD )
     We produces over 500 sets of plastic molds annually, 20% of which has been exported to other countries, which enables us to have a good experience in mold export. Meanwhile, with over 10 injection molding machines, we offer services in injection molding with the weigh of plastic range from 5g to 5000g.
     China plastic OEM: We will quote you the best price for the plastic parts/components with an on-time production and delivery。 You just need provide the following informations to us :product drawings 2D / 3D , plastic material the product made of, the unit weight of the plastic part, the quantity you will order , better provide us samples if available 。We will caculate the plastic parts price according to the cost of plastic raw material,the quantity you need。
     China plastic mold: According to customer's drawings, photographs, or samples ,we will provide you the lowest cost for the plastic mold with the high standard quality 。

    “MADE IN CHINA” ,The powerful motivator of products made in China lies in the fact that the large-scale mold industry in China ,can provide good mold products of low prices and plastic forming service. The price of China molds is only 30% to 50% of that in America and Europe.
    Besides, we will provide the most professional service in English through the Internet. What’s more, we will send you mold samples through express delivery services. And we will delivery goods at high speed but low prices through professional international logistics company both by air and by sea. Only if you have cooperated with us once, you won’t regret your choice.
    You will have the word’s most competitive manufacturing cost if you cooperate with us.

    If there is any need of China plastic mold  China plastic OEM parts or plastic products manufacturing, please enter, or please immediately contact us,  Email:

    If detailed quotations are needed, please provide the following information of the products:  1.plastic samples or 2D/3D design; 2.product photographs;  3.product weight;  4.the quantity ordered and the product to be material, (such as: PP,HDPE,LDPE,PC,ABS ,PMMA,PET,AS,PS,ASA,PVC…). We will email  you the best quotation as soon as possible.
    Email:       (first  choice)