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outdoor plastic (ASA) product mold

outdoor plastic (ASA) product mold
Product name:outdoor plastic (ASA) product mold
Item:outdoor plastic (ASA) product mold
plastic OEM  Double tube cover  outdoor plastic (ASA) product mold

1, ASA has excellent mechanical and physical properties
ASA and ABS are of a similar structure composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene rubber, it retains the ABS as engineering plastics have excellent mechanical and physical properties.
2, ASA strong weatherability
If contain a double bond in the polymer, the double bond are easy to be a considerable strength of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine has open, thereby causing the aging resistance of the polymer decreased, the ASA not containing unsaturated double bond of acrylic rubber is used to replace the ABS containing unsaturated double bonds of the butadiene rubber, therefore, not only can resist degradation caused by ultraviolet radiation, aging, fade, and the atmospheric oxidation or discoloration caused by high temperature decomposition in the process of machining with strong security, thus greatly improve the material of anti-aging and corrosion resistance performance.According to the test results, ASA anti-aging performance is 10 times more than ABS.
3, ASA has good resistance to high temperature performance
4, ASA is a kind of anti-static materials, can make the surface less dust
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